When To Call Your Travel Agent

7 Times A Travel Agent Can Rescue Your Holiday

Booking a holiday to Fiji might seem simple – until you hit a snag. Here are seven times you just might need to get your agent onto things, pronto.

1. Your favourite hotel appears fully booked

Fiji is popular and the best resorts can book out months in advance. Rather than dream of another day to visit, call your travel agent. They can often access exclusive hotel room allocations in different categories at many of the most popular properties. So even when your favourite hotel says no availability, you may just be surprised at what can open up when going through an agent.

2. Bundle and save

To save wading through dozens of deals, visit your agent who can build a bespoke all-inclusive package just for you. Bundling meal plans into the package, for instance, can add up to whole lot of savings.

3. Sunny skies or dark clouds?

Fiji is generally tropical, warm and comfortable year-round but, like many destinations, has weather peaks and troughs. Agents always have an eye on weather forecasts to help guide you to a fine holiday.

4. Left behind at the port

Ferries to Fiji’s outer islands run to set timetables that don’t always mesh well with flights. For a traveller booking direct, this can mean at least three internet tabs open at once to make sure you allow enough time for transfers.  For a Helloworld Travel agent, it’s a seamless process as island resorts are grouped together based on the ferry timetable. Agents know how much time to allow between flight and ferry, and whether you’ll make it or not.

5. Sorting the logistics

You might have your eye on the most amazing island resort and the most thrilling day tour – but perhaps the two don’t work logistically. Your agent can recommend activities based on where you’re staying, or can suggest ideal resorts based on your activity plans.

6. Avoiding dodgy operators

The photos on the road-transfer website might suggest you’ll be enjoying a bargain luxury ride from airport to hotel. Then your pre-booked rusting station wagon turns up – and yes, that’s your name on the driver’s card. Helloworld Travel agents don’t do business with shoddy operators and know who to avoid.

7. It’s all in the detail

Some countries won’t let you in if your passport has less than six months’ validity from the end of your trip. Cruise lines also enforce this policy and many a crestfallen traveller has been left at their port of departure, along with their luggage and a soon-to-expire passport. Travel agents know which countries you can still enter on a passport with an impending expiry date or whether you’ll need to renew it instead.